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We are your local Hampshire based company providing fire and electrical protection services throughout the county.

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PAT Testing in Hampshire

PAT Testing

Our City & Guilds 2377 qualified staff with calibrated test equipment test thousands of electrical appliances throughout Hampshire every year for a whole range of clients. We carry out small minor repairs and carry a range of spare plugs, fuses and flex.
fire extinguishers hampshire

Fire Extinguishers

Our Elite range of high quality fire extinguishers are made in Britain and supplied as standard, with a no hassle, 5-year warranty for added peace of mind. Buying your fire extinguishers from us supports British manufacturing and jobs. In return you get a great, high quality product that is built to last.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

We service all makes and models of fire extinguishers throughout Hampshire in accordance with BS5306. We pride ourselves on our clear and transparent pricing with no hidden charges. Our prices include all of the normal consumable parts such as o-rings, seals, labels and anti-tamper tags.

Fixed Appliance Testing

It's not just portable appliances that need regular inspection and testing, when were your hand dryers or other fixed appliances tested? Our staff are on hand with a wide range of test equipment to inspect and test all of your electrical appliances. 
Electrical thermal imaging inspections in Hampshire.

Thermal Imaging Inspections

Spotting and addressing issues before they become a problem is all part and parcel of an effective preventative maintenance routine. Our Flir thermal imaging cameras can see the problems that the naked eye cannot spot. We carry out electrical and mechanical thermal imaging inspections throughout Hampshire at competitive prices..

PAFSS Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Do you have high risk electrical installations in your workplace that require protection from fire? Our P.A.F.S.S units are the ideal solution and are made in Britain. Flexible and adaptable they provide the obvious solution to protect electrical enclosures from fire.

What's getting Hot in your workplace?

We carry out electrical and mechanical thermal imaging inspections in Hampshire. With our Flir thermal imaging cameras we can detect potential issues before they turn into costly problems.  Click below for more details and to see some examples of things that we have found.

Check out our Fire Extinguishers!

Fire Extinguishers that we supply are high quality British made products that come complete with a 5 year warranty for added peace of mind. We also offer a comprehensive range of stands, covers, trolleys and signage to suite all needs. By using us to supply your fire extinguishers you are supporting British manufacturing and jobs. 

PAT Testing - we guarantee to open every plug and check every fuse.

With our fully calibrated testers our City & Guilds 2377 qualified staff carry out PAT Testing in Hampshire and test thousands of electrical appliances every year. Click below for more details and to see the features that we offer.

Automatic Fire Suppression for Electrical Enclosures

Designed to protect electrical enclosures these pneumatically actuated fire suppression systems are a cost effective way of protecting electrical assets such as motor control cabinets and CNC machinery from fire. In the event of a fire occurring, they automatically discharge to extinguish the fire. The environmentally friendly clean agent extinguishant is electrically non conductive and does not damage electronic equipment or data stored on it.

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