Fire Extinguisher Servicing in Hampshire

Fire Extinguisher Servicing in Hampshire – we service all makes and models of fire extinguishers at competitive prices.

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Fire Extinguisher Servicing in Hampshire

If you require fire extinguisher servicing in Hampshire at competitive prices we are the company to contact. We service all makes and models of fire extinguishers in accordance with BS5306. Our prices are transparent and straightforward with no hidden costs and include all of the normal consumable parts. If you are looking for a servicing agreement, our Service & Replace Plan includes fixed price servicing for 3 years. It also includes replacement of out of date or defective extinguishers at a fixed, cost effective monthly fee.


Transparent Prices

Our prices are transparent and clear. The price that we charge to service extinguishers includes all of the normal consumable parts such as labels, o-rings, seals and tags. Some other companies charge a low fee for servicing an extinguisher but then charge additionally for all of the consumable parts.

Qualified Staff

All of our staff that carry out fire extinguisher servicing have attended and passed the BAFE approved fire extinguisher maintenance course and undergo refresher training every 36 months.


On completion of servicing we supply a detailed site report that provides evidence of compliance with BS5306. If any remedial action is required we will identify this and provide a further report to demonstrate when this has been completed.


We work with numerous clients, their reviews on Google and our social media accounts are evidence of our attention to detail and our client satisfaction.

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Our Elite Servicing Options

fire extinguisher servicing in hampshire

Non contract

Pay as you go

  • All consumable parts included.
  • Reports within 24 hours.
  • Email reminder for next year.

All inclusive

Service & Replace Plan

  • Fixed prices for 3 years.
  • All consumable parts included.
  • Reports within 24 hours.
  • Email reminder for next year.
  • Includes all replacement fire extinguishers.
  • Includes removal and recycling of old extinguishers.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is BS5306 ?

BS5306 is the British Standard for Fire Extinguishing Installations. In relation to fire extinguishers there are Parts 3, 8 & 9 which cover commissioning & maintenance, siting and recharging. BS5306 sets out what is required in each of these areas and the minimum standards that should be complied with. 

Is there a requirement to have fire extinguishers serviced ?

Essentially yes. If you look at the labels on most fire extinguishers it will normally state that the extinguisher should be serviced annually by a competent person. Additionally Section 17 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that any equipment provided under the order are subject to a suitable system of maintenance and are maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair.

What is a basic annual service ?

Fire extinguishers should have an annual basic service every year. This is a safety check to ensure that the fire extinguisher has not been used, lost pressure or tampered with. A basic annual service involves checking the weights, gauges and replacing o-rings, seals and anti-tamper tags. 

What is an extended service ?

In general fire extinguishers with a gauge require an extended service every 5 years. This involves discharging the extinguisher to check that it reaches the prescribed distance and empties completely. After this the head-cap and valve assembly is removed and the internal lining is inspected. If this is ok the extinguisher is refilled and recharged. There are various issues with discharging foam and powder extinguishers and it is normally more cost effective to replace them.

What is an extended service on a CO2 extinguisher ?

CO2 extinguishers have to undergo an overhaul every 10 years. This involves a pressure test on the cylinder and then refilling it. In practice the costs for doing this are often more than a new extinguisher so it normally more economical to replace these extinguishers and remove the old ones for recycling.

Is anything else involved ?

Yes, we have to provide a report after servicing fire extinguisher which includes other factors. We will look at your site as whole and review the fire risks to make sure that you have the correct type of extinguishers and the correct amount. Other things we look at are things like mounting, positioning and signage. 

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