Fixed Appliance Testing

Fixed Electrical Appliance Testing in Hampshire.

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Fixed Appliance Testing

Fixed electrical appliances are found in every work place however when were yours last inspected or tested for safety? Fixed electrical appliances are often large and comprised of metal parts, they offer just as much risk to users as smaller portable appliances. Fixed electrical appliances are normally missed out when PAT Testing is carried out and when the fixed wiring test is undertaken the wiring is normally only tested up until the point of isolation for the appliance. There is therefore a range of equipment such as hand dryers, heaters and ovens which fall between the two maintenance schemes and are often overlooked when testing is carried out.

Fixed Appliance Testing

As well as carrying out your PAT Testing our staff are able to test your fixed appliances. 

Fixed appliances are tested by carrying out much the same tests as used when carrying out PAT Testing with the main tests being a check of the earth continuity and the insulation resistance. Because fixed electrical appliances are often not fitted with a plug they cannot be plugged into a PAT Tester and are therefore often left untested which can pose a risk and raise issues surrounding compliance. 

To carry out testing of fixed appliances we use our Megger multi-function testers which incorporate a range of test functions and are fully calibrated. We are able to carry out testing of fixed appliances at the same time as PAT Testing or on a separate visit to suit individual requirements. For electrical equipment that is not able to be turned off for safety or practical reasons such as server racks thermal imaging would be the next best option. Take a look at our thermal imaging service for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What are Fixed Electrical Appliances?

Fixed electrical appliances are generally non moveable and are fixed to walls or units. Normally these items do not have a plug and are wired directly into the fixed electrical installation. This is normally because these items draw more current than a normal 13 amp plug can handle but it can be for other reasons such as to prevent theft like a hair dryer in a hotel room.

How do you test fixed appliances ?

Most PAT Testing companies use a dedicated PAT Tester to test electrical equipment. A PAT Tester has a normal three pin socket on it which allows items to simply be plugged in and tested. Fixed electrical appliances often do not have a plug and this means that the vast majority of PAT Testers cannot be used to test fixed electrical appliances. We use Megger multifunction testers to test fixed electrical appliances, these testers have test leads which we can use with test probes or crocodile clips. 

Why do Fixed Electrical Items need testing?

In the past the term PAT testing has caused a mistaken belief that only portable items need testing. Fixed electrical appliances pose just as much risk if not more than portable appliances. Consider a hand dryer or cooker, they are both substantially made of metal and are something that users will touch often to use. These items if not correctly earthed would pose a risk of electric shock in the event of a fault. The new 5th edition of the IET Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment released in 2020 clarifies that fixed electrical equipment should undergo periodic inspection and testing. In this new update the term portable appliance testing has been dropped to avoid future confusion and to emphasise that it covers all electrical equipment.

What sort of Fixed Electrical Appliances do I have ?

If you take a look around your workplace it is likely that you will have fixed electrical appliances. A good way to tell would be to look at an item and think if you would be able to pick it up or move it without using a tool to unscrew it or disconnect the wiring to it, if the answer is no then it is probably a fixed appliance. Some fixed appliances are screwed into furniture but are also fitted with a plug but the majority will be connected to the fixed wiring using a connection unit or fused switch.  Examples of fixed appliances hat may be in your workplace are hand dryers, cookers, ovens, hobs, heaters and larger items of machinery.

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