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PAT Testing in Hampshire

With our calibrated test equipment and City & Guilds 2377 qualified staff we are the company to choose for your PAT Testing in Hampshire.

Faulty electrical equipment is responsible for hundreds of fires and injuries every year. Additionally cheap electrical goods purchased online are often substandard counterfeit products that pose significant risks. PAT Testing is a way of reducing the risks of fire and injury and demonstrating  compliance. At Elite Fire & Electrical Protection we only use calibrated test equipment and all staff who undertake testing are City & Guilds 2377 qualified. We are used to carrying out testing in all environments and will work with you to minimise disruption. 

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Our PAT Testers

We only use calibrated test equipment. Our test equipment is I.T safe and can be used to test sensitive electrical equipment without causing any damage. Additionally our test equipment is able to carry out load, leakage and RCD trip time testing .

What is PAT Testing?

PAT Testing stands for Portable Appliance Testing but it is a slightly misleading name as all electrical appliances require frequent inspection and testing not just portable items. PAT Testing involes a visual inspection and depending on the item various electrical tests using a PAT Tester.


Visual Inspection

  • opening plugs and checking polarity and terminations.
  • checking fuses for correct rating.
  • checking flexes and casing for damage.


Electrical Testing

  • earth continuity
  • insulation resistance
  • polarity
  • leakage 
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Why do I need PAT Testing?

PAT Testing is a way of periodically checking that electrical items are safe for continued use. As there are a high number of fires and injuries caused every year by faulty electrical appliances it makes sense that periodic PAT Testing will keep this number to a minimum.


  • Electrical items are one of the risk factors to be considered when carrying out fire risk assessments. Businesses it is highly likely that PAT Testing will be mentioned in your fire risk assessment. Your insurance company may also stipulate that you need to have PAT Testing carried out.  


  • If you are a Landlord the electrical appliances that you supply as part of the tenancy must be safe at the start of the tenancy and checked for safety periodically throughout.


  • If you are a sole trader like a DJ and carry out services using electrical items at other business locations like hotels or community halls you may be asked to provide a PAT Testing certificate before attending.

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Our PAT Testing Benefits

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